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Scott Papish's 18' Freightliner MT-55 Custom Tool Truck

Hughson, CA compass


Congrats to Scott Papish on his 2012 SFC show purchase! This durable 18' MT-55 is easy to get in-and-out of and provides a tight turning radius. The VersaFlex interior features sliding display drawers, ample space for merchandising wall displays, and a great laminated L-shaped workstation. Two large tool box storage areas give you lots of display flexibility.



  • VersaFlex Display Interior with 9 sliding display drawers and 3 overstock drawers
  • Fully open passenger side wall to feature all the latest merchandising displays
  • 86" and 61" tool box storage areas with aluminum flooring and removable shelves
  • Laminated L-shaped desk and repair station
  • 60,000 btu engine-driven A/C mounted at rear
  • Dash A/C in the cab area
  • Folding security gate
  • 2,000 lb auto-open/close lift gate with extension and integrated cart stop

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