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Custom Designed Security & Surveillance Vehicle

Burlington, WI compass


The LDV custom designed security and surveillance vehicle has 4x4 off road capabilities with upgraded tires, wheels and suspension giving it the ability to go almost anywhere you need. The vehicle appears to be an ordinary pickup truck when not in use and was designed to hide the Leveling system, 13KW generator, 6 meter mast, camera, radar, WiFi retransmission points and roof mounted AC condenser within its shell.


This used vehicle is available for sale without the camera and radar for $94,000.
  • Precision leveling system that allows the vehicle to be leveled both side to side and front to back 4 degrees in each direction. This system allows the camera and radar to be leveled to 
  • .005° allow for pin point target acquisition at long range. 
  • A camera suspension system and radar elevator for a 
  • 360° line of site sit at the top of the mast. 
  • Two fuel tanks; one for the chassis and one for the generator allow for increased travel distances as well as 24 hours of generator run time. 
  • A half height communications rack on shock isolators, controls for all the equipment, laptop mount and camera controls in the cab area. 
  • The LDV exclusive Intel-I-Touch™ system. This system controls all operational systems with one button auto deploy and stow features. It also controls the generator, leveling system, mast, radar elevator, WiFi tip-up along with the generator fuel tank and power monitor gauges via iPad. The iPad is interfaced to the vehicle via WiFi and can be used in and around the perimeter of the vehicle as needed. The iPad also has a video feed from the mast camera for a simple single device operation. 

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