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Sarasota County Sheriff's Department SWAT Response Truck

Osprey, FL compass


Sarasota's swat response vehicle boasts loads of storage and a multi-use workstation. Exterior access, equipment storage throughout, telescoping lights, and a good amount of technology make this swat response unit a versatile tool.


  • Workstation
  • Equipment storage
  • Exterior access compartments
  • Two (2) 20-inch wide swinging rear doors with interior and exterior latches
  • 2011 Workhorse
  • Load space area shall be 83" high x 93" wide x 18' long all aluminum step van body
  • Custom fabricated aluminum cabinets with dry erase surface on select overhead cabinet doors
  • (2) telescoping remote angle light pole with 500 watt light
  • LED Emergency and scene lighting
  • 19" Black Flat Panel Series 4 LCD
  • DVD Recorder
  • Middle Atlantic rack mount kit
  • Awning

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