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Suffolk Fire Department Mobile Rehab Unit

Suffolk, VA compass


This large bus was built to be multi-purpose. It will be utilized for rehab and also to drive city officials to inspect damaged areas caused by man-made or natural disasters. The large seating area includes space to monitor blood pressure, T.V.s to watch local and national news and weather, an external speaker system for addressing the public, large lavatory for individuals in turn-out gear, a food preparation area, HVAC and more. Seating for up to 16.


• 28’ Fiberglass bus body on a Freightliner chassis
• Fully plumbed and pressurized galley and lavatory
• Heavy duty vinyl on couch seating
• Custom fabricated high pressure laminate cabinets
Corian 1/2" solid surface countertops over subsurface
• (2) LCD flat screen TVs
• Sophisticated AV system
• In-Motion Satellite TV
• DirecTV DSS receiver
• 3 Rack mount kits
• Digital amplified HD TV antenna
• Awning

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