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City of Westminster, CO Police Department

Westmintster, CO compass


The City of Westminster, CO Police Department chose a trailer for their mobile hostage negotiation command post. The trailer frame includes electric brakes on all axles, 5000 lb manual jack, smooth aluminum wheel boxes and sturdy all-tube walls and ceiling. A rooftop 13,500 btu Dometic A/C unit and an Espar Airtronic diesel heater were also installed.


  • (6) workstations
  • Aluminum cabinets
  • Dry erase boards
  • Laminate countertops
  • Panduit plastic raceway around the interior for future upgrades
  • Open frame electronics equipment rack has a caster base for maneuverability 

Additional options for customer installation at a later date include roof mounted weatherproof junction box, additional roof support, prep area for coffee/microwave and a lavatory. 

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