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Florida Highway Patrol Mobile Command Center Retrofit

Tallahassee, FL compass


Florida Highway Patrol recently brought their 2002 Mobile Command Center back to LDV for a retrofit. They added an extensive amount of electronics and reconfigured their existing space to remove the lavatory and replace with an equipment room as well as remove their water cooler and replace with more storage. The retrofit included: refurbished mast, upgraded cameras, upgraded alarm system, new leveling system, computer system, new audio/video, changed out the lighting to LED interior and LED emergency lighting as well as adding under shelf lighting throughout. Added numerous flat panel televisions, DVD recorder, satellite, modulated audio and video, radio prep and CAT6 computer network.


  • 2002 LDV mobile command center
  • Refurbished mast
  • Upgraded cameras
  • Upgraded alarm system
  • New leveling system
  • New computer system
  • New modulated audio/video system
  • LED lighting retrofit interior and emergency lighting
  • Flat panel televisions, DVD recorder, satellite, radio prep and CAT6 computer network

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