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The cab includes a custom center console for Siren/PA Light control, DC disconnect switch and PTO generator controls.

Front entry area features a large white dry erase board with top pin strip, control panel for generator AC breaker/switches, HVAC controls and thermostats and flip down bench seating to use this area for dive suit changing. Overhead storage on the interior above the exterior storage compartments with screen netting to hold items in during transit.

Rear section features two workstations with chairs and overhead storage. Each location has a duplex AC outlet. The area also features large double doors with flip down step off rear bumper, slide out ramp to dolly access to the rear of the vehicle. The backside of the rear room has a removable table with bench seating and overhead storage. Below the bench seating is a diesel fired furnace to keep the room warm during cold weather. This area also features a roof mounted air conditioner.

LDV also provides a 6' whip to allow bottles to be filled on the ground outside of the fill station.

Curbside features:
• Side entry door, awning and roll up door for fill station and bottle storage.
• Exterior storage compartment with a rollup door for a 2 position cascade fill station and storage for 22 scuba bottles

Driver’s side features:
• Rollup door for compressor storage
• Forward wall features flip down bench seat for up to 3 people
• Interior roll up door for wet suit storage with heavy duty stainless steel pole
• Rear wall features straps to secure the removable countertop when not in use and a wall mounted dry erase board


  • Ford F750 Conventional cab, single rear axle truck chassis.  33,000-lb. GVWR with rear air ride suspension and air brakes
  • 120,000 psi yield frame rails
  • 50 Gallon fuel tank
  • Cummins 6.7L turbo diesel engine with 360hp @ 2800 rpm & 800 lb-ft torque @1800rpm
  • Engine Block Heater, Phillips, 120 Volt/750 Watt
  • Allison 3000 5-Speed, EVS Series transmission with PTO provision
  • Exhaust Brake - Variable Vane Turbocharger
  • 6 way Air ride driver & passenger seats
  • AM/FM Weather Radio & auxiliary input
  • Dome light with map light
  • Dual sun visors
  • Vertical exhaust curbside

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