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Used Trucks

The LDV Used Trucks page lists both LDV owned used tool trucks and used tool trucks and other specialty vehicles for sale by private sellers. LDV used tool trucks are superior quality vehicles that will stand the test of time. We update our inventory regularly, so check back for new LDV vehicles as they are added. Browse available used trucks below. Listings beginning with “LS” in the vehicle number are LDV owned and we can be contacted for details. Trucks listed with “PS” before the vehicle number are privately owned and additional information can be obtained by contacting the owner listed in the contact info area.
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Truck is located in Tallahassee, FL. 2017 MT-55, Freightliner Length:18 Price:$130,644.00 2015 Freightliner MT-45, Privately Owned Length:16 ft Price:$85,000.00 2015 MT-45, Freightliner Length:16 ft Price:$76,000.00 2015 Freightliner MT-45, Privately Owned Length:16 ft Price:$66,000.00 2015 Freightliner MT-45, Privately Owned Length:16 ft Price:$79,500.00 2014 MT-45, Freightliner Length:16 ft Price:$64,000.00 2014 MT-45, Freightliner Length:16 ft Price:$67,000.00 2014 MT-45, Freightliner Length:16 ft Price:$62,500.00 2014 MT-45, Freightliner Length:16 ft Price:$60,500.00 <h1>Retiring in 2 weeks. 240HP Cummins ISB, Allison 2200 Series 5-speed transmission, Hydraulic brakes, Air ride rear suspension</h1> 2014 Freightliner MT-55, Privately Owned Length:18FT Price:$109,700.00 2014 MT-45, Freightliner Length:16 ft Price:$61,500.00 2014 MT-45, Freightliner Length:16 ft Price:$60,000.00 2014 MT-45, Freightliner Length:16 ft Price:$62,000.00 This truck was purchased brand new in 2014.  2 solar panel charging system and TV (customer added) Look for updated pictures soon! 2013 Freightliner M2, Privately Owned Length:22 ft Price:$136,000.00 2013 T270, Kenworth Length:22 ft Price:$144,900.00 2012 MT-45, Freightliner Length:16 ft Price:$49,995.00 2012 Freightliner MT-45 Gas, Privately Owned Length:16 ft Price:$44,000.00 For more details, please call Raja Segarant at (808) 220-3046. Or contact Mike Halferty via e-mail at The truck is in Honolulu, HI. 2011 Freightliner MT-45, Privately Owned Length:16 ft Price:$59,000.00 <p>The LDV custom designed security and surveillance vehicle has 4x4 off road capabilities with upgraded tires, wheels and suspension giving it the ability to go almost anywhere you need. The vehicle appears to be an ordinary pickup truck when not in use and was designed to hide the Leveling system, 13KW generator, 6 meter mast, camera, radar, WiFi retransmission points and roof mounted AC condenser within its shell.</p>
<p>The BSV features:</p>
<li>Precision leveling system that allows the vehicle to be leveled both side to side and front to back 4 degrees in each direction. This system allows the camera and radar to be leveled to .005° allow for pin point target acquisition at long range.</li>
<li>A camera suspension system and radar elevator for a 360° line of site sit at the top of the mast.</li>
<li>Two fuel tanks; one for the chassis and one for the generator allow for increased travel distances as well as 24 hours of generator run time.</li>
<li>A half height communications rack on shock isolators, controls for all the equipment, laptop mount and camera controls in the cab area.</li>
<li>The LDV exclusive Intel-I-Touch™ system. This system controls all operational systems with one button auto deploy and stow features. It also controls the generator, leveling system, mast, radar elevator, WiFi tip-up along with the generator fuel tank and power monitor gauges via iPad. The iPad is interfaced to the vehicle via WiFi and can be used in and around the perimeter of the vehicle as needed. The iPad also has a video feed from the mast camera for a simple single device operation.</li>
</ul> 2011 3500, Chevrolet Length: Price:$78,800.00 This 2010 workhorse is in very good condition..  Has lots of drawers and display shelves., a diagnostic display, air tool display hammer rack. The body is a 2012. Diesel fired generator.  2 roof airs rear one replaced last season.  Engine tune up done 16.000 miles ago.  Services have been done every 3000 miles.  Passenger seat included also a hand rail for entrance.  AGM Batteriess are less than two years old. Back Up camera.  CLEANED AND READY TO ROLL!!! 2010 Chevrolet Workhorse, Privately Owned Length:16 ft Price:$43,000.00 This truck comes with all the straps for securing tool stag, etc. Truck also comes with a used 5 2008 Freightliner MT-45, Privately Owned Length:16 ft Price:$22,000.00 Picking up new truck in June. More photos to follow. 2008 Freightliner MT-45, Privately Owned Length:16 ft Price:$30,000.00 New engine and turbo with under 76,000 on it. 2007 Freightliner MT-45, Privately Owned Length:16 ft Price:$23,000.00 This used 2007 mobile dental vehicle features two dental operatories and comes loaded with operational equipment. A center waiting reception area with lavatory. A wheelchair lift allows for access to the rear. Call today - this vehicle will not last long at $128,000! 2007 Freightliner MT-55, Used Dental Vehicle Length:40 ft Price:$128,000.00 2007 MT-45, Freightliner Length:16 ft Price:$43,995.00 The sun was to bright when the pictures were taken. I can send better if needed. Brand new complete engine was put in at 80,0000 miles ago by Cummins in Tampa, FL. Transmission  serviced by Allison in Tampa as well. Tires are 75% or better. 2006 Freightliner MT-45, Privately Owned Length:16 ft Price:$23,000.00 Truck is in very clean condition. Tires are good. Well maintained. Has one body scratch on low passenger side . Flooring in great shape. Ceiling webbing is large and in great condition. 2005 Freightliner MT-45, Privately Owned Length:16 foot Price:$23,000.00 PURCHASED NEW FROM LDV  OCTOBER 2004. WORK PERFORMED ON THE TRUCK IN 2016 INCLUDES:  REGULAR PM  EVERY 3 MONTHS, NEW HEAD LAMP SOCKET, FRONT BRAKE CALIPERS, COMPLETE ENGINE OVERHAUL EXCEPT TORBO, LEFT REAR SPRING, BOTH REAR AIR BAGS....RECORDS AVAILABLE ON REQUEST. 
SHOULD BE A GREAT TOOL TRUCK FOR SEVERAL YEARS. TOOL BOX OPENING IN REAR HAS A HINGED SHELF THAT CAN BE LIFTED TO ACCOMODATE TOP AND ROLL KRL1000 SERIES...FRONT BOX OPENING HAS SEEN SEVERAL EPIQ ROLLS WITH SS TOPS. 2004 Chevrolet C7500, Privately Owned Length:22 ft Price:$60,000.00 Good used condition - just upgraded to a bigger vehicle. Cosmetic body damage on driver side - small oil leak and broken turn signal.  Newer tires and brakes are at 50%. 2003 Freightliner MT-45, Privately Owned Length:16 ft Price:$12,000.00 Well maintained since new (serviced every 5000 miles); tires in fair condition 2003 Freightliner MT-45, Privately Owned Length:18 foot Price:$17,500.00 Has Onan 7.5 diesel generator; well-maintained since new (serviced every 5000 miles); tires in good shape (front tires new) 2001 Freightliner MT-55, Privately Owned Length:20 feet Price:$27,500.00 Ceiling replaced with thick style lacing and is in great shape. Onan generator RVQ5500 has 500 hrs on it, 2 years old. New exhaust. Truck is registered thru May 2018. Truck is in excellent shape for its age. Paint, batteries and tires are good. 1996 Chevrolet P-60, Privately Owned Length:22 ft Price:$11,000.00
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